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10 Minute Update Challenge!

2005-11-02::9:52 a.m.

So, I have ten minutes to kill before work, and I figured I would try to post a quick update. Lots of thoughts in my head, but I think we all know who they are about...

Today, I got my structures exam back from last week. I thought I had done pretty well on it, and when our Professor announced Monday morning that one lucky student had achieved a 100%, I had a bit of a Max Fisher moment in which I fantasized that it was me. I had a little daydream in which tests were passed back, and because of my hard work, I was offered the highly coveted Structures TA position for the next semester. Yeah right! I got my exam back today, and was faced with the harsh reality that I had only achieved an 85%. Whatever, those truss problems using the joint method are hard, bitches!

Okay, on to the important news- crush update time. For the last couple of weeks, things have been at a stand-still, then this last week things have looked promising again. Here are a brief list of situations, you be the judge:

1) He is increasingly concerned with where I am going to be, asking me multiple times a day if I am going to be working in studio with him at night, if I am going to certain lectures, and during our registration period, if I had registered for the same studio as him the next semester. When I say many times a day, we are talking between 3 and 6.

2) It was pointed out yesterday that he apparently laughs at everything I say.

3) An outsider, aka Matana, has apparently noticed a certain "twinkle" in his eye when he is talking to me. It has been observed that he has a different way of interacting with me than with the other ladies. I, myself, have noticed prolonged periods of smiling.

4) Halloween Party on Saturday- nothing too exciting to report, however, Kelly and Leah noticed that he had the ticket stub from the concert we went to together two months ago on his fridge.

5) He has been inviting me over repeatedly, but then kind of chickening out, what is that about? For instance, he'll say things like, "I still have plenty of beer left over from the party, you could come over tonight and help me drink it." And then later, he'll say, "I think I am just going to go home and crash tonight." Do you want me to come over, or what? I need more of a direct invitation!

There a numerous other little things, which of course I could continue to blow out of proportion/ overanalyze, however, I have overshot the 10 minute challenge by 5 minutes already.


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